Temaki Sushi at Home

Everyday Sachiko home cooking  – Today I show  you how to make Temaki Sushi at your home (^_^)


Tuna & Avocado, Shiso leaf, Sprouts.

Ingredients – Sushi rice. Dry seaweed paper. Tuna. Fatty tuna. Salmon. Squid. Ground beef with bamboo. Natto beans with scallion. Tuna can and celery with mayonnaise.  Ground chicken with green peace. Shiso leaf. Mizuna. Avocado. Cucumber. Sprouts. Asparagus.


Ground chicken, Asparagus, Sprouts.

Step 1 – Place a sheet of nori (roasted seaweed) on a flat surface. Wet your hand with some water and scoop out about 3 tablespoons of sushi rice and spread the rice evenly on the nori sheet. Leave about 1/2-inch on the sides.If you like more sushi rice in your hand roll, use 4 tablespoons of sushi rice

Step 2 – Add some radish sprouts on top of the rice, follow by the filling. Arrange them at an angle for easy rolling.

Step 3 – Roll up the hand roll, starting at the lower left hand corner of the nori sheet. Keep rolling to form a cone shape. Make sure you roll tightly to secure the sushi rice and fillings. Add some masago on top of the hand roll. Dip the hand roll with some soy sauce and wasabi, if you like.


“Temari Sushi” Step 1 – Step 4

Today I show you step by step how to make this OMG cute sushi called Temari SushiTemari means thread balls in Japanese, Temari Sushi is small and ball-shaped sushi that usually cooked on happy occasions and good for parties \(^o^)/


Ingredients – Sushi rice, Red snapper, Tuna, Salmon, Sansho leaf, Shiso leaf.


Step 1 – make small rice balls. Set aside. Prepare various toppings. Place toppings on a sheet of plastic wrap.  


Step 2 –  Place a sushi rice ball on the topping


Step 3 –   Shape the sushi into a ball, twisting the plastic wrap


Step 4 –  Unwrap the plastic wrap. Serve temari sushi with wasabi and soy sauce


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