Sorba Noodle & Dan Dan Noodle at ”KOA”

Koa       12 W 21st Street, New York, NY 10010  (212) 388-5736

♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ ♥♥♥1/2 $$$1/2

Soymilk Dan Dan Ramen Set $16.75 ( Lunch set comes with salad & spring roll ) ♥♥♥

Back dining room

Soymilk Dan Dan Sorba $23.00 ♥♥♥

Chicken Teriyaki Garlic Buttered Rice Set $14.75 ( Lunch set comes with salad & spring roll ) ♥♥♥

Spicy Dan Dan Ramen Set $15.75 ( Lunch set comes with salad & spring roll ) ♥♥♥


Front dining room

Salad & Spring rolls (from Lunch Special) ♥♥1/2

Free ice cream 🙂

Back dining room


Minca Ramen


Big Bowl of Ramen at ”Minca”

Spicy Basic Ramen pork broth $12 ( thin noodle ) ♥♥

The place’s decor and atmosphere are both not cute like IPPUDO or MOMOFUKU but I can promise you that MINCA serves very yummy ramen. My favorite ramen is Spicy Basic Ramen with pork broth (picture above). Basic salt & roast garlic flavor Ramen is also my favorite. They has two different options for noodle. I recommend you to order thin noodle for both ramen. I just don’t care for thick noodle. Also this place has sister restaurant called KAMBI on EAST 14th Street. I heard MINCA and KAMBI serve exactly same menu. Good to know 🙂

Minca     536 E 5th St (btw Ave A & Ave B) NYC (212) 505-8001

♥♥♥1/2 ♥♥ ♥1/2 $$1/2

Basic salt & roast garlic flavor Ramen ( thin noodle )  $11 ♥♥

Hinata Ramen

Chicken Broth Ramen

Hinata Ramen 159 E.55th St. b/t 3rd & Lexington Ave | 212-355-2974

I read on Twitter that Chef Michael Anthony from Gramercy Tavern visited Hinata Ramen a few months ago. I hadn’t heard of this ramen shop until then. So, I decided to come here for lunch. Hinata Ramen opened last November in Midtown East. I often eat ramen for lunch. There are many choices of ramen shops around my office in Midtown such as Hide-chan, Totto, Ippudo West, and a few more places. Today I found a new edition to add to my ramen lunch options. Chef Anthony mentioned this place’s noodle and that it was somehow related to Ippudo. So I was even more curious about this place!! I was also interested in tasting their broth. Most popular ramen shops often serve pork based broth, but Hinata specializes in chicken broth ramen.

Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥1/2 ♥♥♥
♥♥1/2 $$  

Original Hinata Paitan Ramen – Chicken broth $12.5 ♥♥♥1/2

I started my lunch with gyoza and pork bum to share. I didn’t much care for either appetizer, but it was good and decent enough. I sat at the front counter seat so that I could see the action in the kitchen behind the glass window. (It does not have an open kitchen.) I ordered the Original Hinata Paitan Ramen and my friend ordered the Aburi Niku Miso Ramen which is limited to 10 bowls per day. Both ramen were very good.


Aburi Niku Miso Ramen – (Limited 10 bowls per day) ♥♥♥1/2

My favorite is Shoyu Tonkostuu (soy based and pork based mixed.) Compared to pork based this was much lighter and cleaner. Definitely refreshing.

It was also great to meet the owner, Chef Madoka Tamura. I was a little shocked to see a young Japanese lady. I guess I always imagine a ramen shop owner to be a man. Like I said, Hinata’s ramen is very clean and elegant. This made perfect sense once I met her. She was lovely. I asked her about her background. She said this is her first restaurant and she taught herself how to make ramen. I’m the owner of Cutie Room, but having a boutique and running a restaurant are two different things. I was very impressed. I love seeing Japanese women doing their thing in NYC!

Owner/ chef Madoka Tamura

I eat at most ramen shops more than twice before giving a rating. So, at this time I can’t give a proper rating yet. I am definitely going back for lunch again soon. Stay tuned for an update!


Hinata Pork Bun ♥♥♥


Kurobuta Gyoza ♥♥♥




Yuji Ramen Test Kitchen

Yuji Ramen

Yuji Ramen Test Kitchen     95 E Houston St, 2nd Fl at Whole Food Market, NYC

Yuji Ramen Test Kitchen is located at 2nd floor at Whole Food Market in Lower East Side. Originally Yuji Ramen was from Smorgasburg in Williamsburg Brooklyn. Also after they tested their first shop at whole food now they opened full menu restaurant in Brooklyn. Even this place is located two block from my apt I didn’t know about it. I came here to try two different ramen with friend. One was original shoyu ramen and another one is broth less carbonara noodle.  Both noodles were too expensive I thought!!

Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥ ♥♥1/2 ♥ 

Shoyu Ramen – A traditional style of ramen with broth $9


Bacon & Egg Ramen – Smoky bacon, Poached egg, Kale $9


Tsukemono – Pickle $3


Open counter kitchen view.