David Chang’s fried chicken sandwich ”FUKU”

FUKU      163 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003 

Cuisine: Sandwiche

Chef: David Chang

Neighborhood: East Village

Famous Dishes: Friend Chicken Sandwich

Occassion: I was here for snack

Note: Close up inside of Davit Chang’s newest crispy fried chicken sandwich at FUKU in East Village, New York city. Sandwich was crispy outside, very juicy inside. I give 5 hearts for sandwich. Recently chef Chang opened FUKU+ at his another restaurant Má Pêche in Midtown. Menu is very similar yet FULU+ has beef burger and chicken wings. Soon FUKU is starting to serve wings too.

♥♥ $$1/2

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WHAT TA  F…!!!!!!!! OUT OF OCTOPUS !!! Whoops, excuse me !! Correction OMGGGGGG (>_<)”” Sik Gaek is located in Queens NY. YES Cutie Patroller made a quick trip to Queens….Well not really.. Ever since I saw this Korean restaurant on No Reservations I was super curious to go there but it seems so far away for Cutie Patroller. I mean I barely walk or take the subway and am a big supporter of yellow cab ( seatbelt is a must !! even back seat !! that’s how cutie patroller rolls ). Anthony Bourdain was introduced here by Momofuku emporor David Chang. Specially since I don’t know of any places that serve live octopus in NY, this trip was worth making I thought. Finally a chance arrived when I was coming back from the Hamptons late one Sunder summer night. I called to see how late they were open and this place stays open till 4am.. perfect I thought. So I got off the highway and made my way to korea town. My heart was skipping and sooo ready for live octopus. The waiter brought me water and a menu (which I didn’t even need to see) so I asked him ” I wanna order live octopus Sashimi and live octopus with the seafood pot please” . After that I completely blacked out …. all I remember is the sound of him saying “we.. are..out…of… octopus…….”, and for the rest of the night it was still echoing in my ear… “out.. out .. of ..of… o c t o p u s ….”. I ended up ordering whatever the steam clam pot thing was and maybe some bulgogi …. I never went back there…If I ever do make it back there again, I will definitely report back to OMG News…

Ps – The Seafood Pot was really good and they give you a trash can ( bucket ) under the table and it’s kinda wild (^0^)”’ but you eat and then just throw your clam shells away !! For a clip of the Sik Gaek episode, please click the No Reservations link above.

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Momofuku Ssam Bar

www.momofuku.com – 207 2nd Ave , NYC 10003

Ssam Bar, located in the East Village, is one of Chef David Chang’s five restaurants. I’m a fan of his original Momofuku noodle bar (one of my favorite pork based Ramen shops in the city- my #1 pick is Ipuddo). Ssam Bar showcases David’s Korean and French influences, but for me it seems very similar to the Japanese Izakaya style (Japanese tapas pub). I like this place for combining a casual dining vibe created by the staff, open kitchen, and long community tables yet it still serves some very sophisticated food (like a Uni dish that amazed me). Start with a sake or magnum size Asahi beer (really cool). This pig lover’s paradise, as a matter of fact the menu explicitly declares “we do not serve vegetarian…”, is known for its whole slow-cooked pork shoulder (special order in advance). They also have a great raw bar but in this case skip it – you should order a second plate of pork buns. Before you leave, make sure to check out next door’s Milk Bar for dessert!! P.S. Chang’s newest place is Ma Peche in midtown, known for their ‘cool’ foodie version of Vietnamese style 7 courses of Beef, but this Cutie Patroler doesn’t often patrole midtown…….(>_<) so hopefully one day I will make it up there!

Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥ $$$


Santa Barbara Uni lomo, preserved tomatoes, asian pear –  A must order, amazing dish ♥♥♥   


Pork Buns pork belly, cucumber, hoisin, scallions $9 – The bun is sooo cute and the pork melts in your mouth  ♥♥♥                                      Continue reading