Happy Birthday Yumi – Mexican Fiesta

Dog Birthday  


Happy Birthday Yumi !!!!!!!! (^_^) !!!!!!!!!


“Mexican style corn ( Recipe from Cafe Habana ) Yummy~~~~


Happy birthday Yumi ( she is a yorkie and A.K.A. Yumi Kim ) Yumi’s another half Kim throwed her mexican fiesta for her 9 years old birthday. I had my favorite vintage mexican maxi dress on. Each of guest had mexican name and moustache. My name was Carmen for the night. Menu for the big night – Spicy guacamole, mexican style corn ( recipe from local popular restaurant Cafe Habana ),Three different kind of tacos ( Shrimp tocos, Fish tocos, Chicken tacos ), White fish & scallop ceviche and of course margarita and tequila shot all night long!!! The end of night Yumi told me & Kim “I have gooooooooooood life bitches” You are very welcome Yumi  (^_^) / OMG We already decided next year party for Yumi!!! She is turning 10 years old so “Japanese” for sure. 

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