www.taimfalafel.com         222 Waverly Pl. (At 7th Ave) NYC

I had snack time at Taim West Village. They opened their Mediterranean restaurant Balaboosta on Mulberry St a couple years ago but they are known for their first Falafel spot Taim. Now they are under construction to open a second Taim next to Balaboosta in Nolita. I can’t wait!!!!

Ps – Taim in Nolita is opened October 2012.  45 Spring St ( corner of Mulberry St )


Sabich slices if eggplant, fried, layered with an organic hard boiled egg. served with hummus, israeli salad, tahini and amba sauce $7.25


Taim’s Homemade French Fries* served with our delicious saffron aioli $4.75

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