Sushi Dojo

Sushi Dojo

Sushi Omakase at ”Sushi Dojo”

Sushi Dojo    110 1st Ave ( b/t 6 St & 7 St ) NYC

Who said only Japanese can muster the art of sushi!? Congrats to owner/Sushi chef David Bouhadana *\(^_^)/* Sushi Dojo serves authentic Japanese cuisine and specialize in OMAKASE. If you’re expecting a California roll and Dragon roll then this is not the right place for you. David trained at one of fancy Japanese spots, 15 EAST in Union Square and Hatsuhana in Midtown. I didn’t sit in front of David at the sushi counter this time, but my chef Makoto Yoshizawa was fantastic!! First he asked me my preference of fishes so I told him I prefered Red Snapper, Fluke, Sea Bass over Hamachi and Saba and other fatty white fishes. Then I asked him what kind of clam they had. They had two of my favorite clams which are Aoyagi and Migugai. YAY!! and my last request was Uni & Ootoro.  I had a Sushi & Sashimi Omakase for $75 with Hakkaisan Sake. Sushi Dojo’s atmosphere is nothing special yet quality of sushi are LOVELY ~~~ xoxo

Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥ ♥♥

Sadeen amazu


Uni, Red snnaper, Hamachi, Ootoro


Ankimo with ponzu sauce


Mirugai sashimi with su-miso dressing



Madai-su dashi, Shima Aji, Kanpachi, Tuke maguro


Masu – tazumamia, Aburi-Ebi, Mirugai, Chu toro


Uni, Anago.

Sushi Dojo

TAO Downtown

Tao Downtown

TAO downtown 369 West 16th Street, ( corner of 9 Ave ) at Marotime Hotel, NYC

TAO Downtown opened one month ago inside the Maritime Hotel across the street from Buddakan in Meatpacking District. Buddakan has been around for quite long time as a giant Asian fusion venue. TAO is also known as the same so…. hehehe (^_^) we will see how they are going to compete with each other. If you are expecting any out of town guests, then you should take them to TAO for dinner or just cocktails. Also the place is great place to have a birthday dinner this year when it is still new & hot. The venue is impressive and entertaining. They have one main dining room and two lounge areas. I like the open lounge area in front of the sleeping Buddha statue better than the back room bar area because you can enjoy the view of the whole venue. They have walk-in table service so you don’t need to make reservation, while enjoying the full food menu. The whole venue will seat up to 400!!! TAO group is ready to make ($_$) chin-chin-chin

Ps- You MUST order Miso Glazed sea bass from appetizer!!! YUM

Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥1/2 ♥♥♥1/2 ♥♥1/2 $$$$

satay of chilean sea bass miso glaze $19


shrimp toast rolls coconut cilantro, thai chili, honey mustard $13


tuna hamachi tataki yuzu ponzu, spicy daikon, crispy garlic $19




glazed tuna and wild mushroom – sweet ginger-scallion sauce $18


cripsy thai pork – thai basil, chili, oyster sauce, mango sticky rice $29


chef yoshi roll – tuna, salmon, curry mayo, sweet wasabi $16 / tuna and cripsy green tea wasabi mustard-soy $17


chicken gyoza $15

Tao Downtown Giant Birthday Fortune Cookie

Asian Charlie Angels