www.pipa-nyc.com – 38 East 19th NYC NY 10013 ( CLOSED )

If you’re in the mood for Spanish Tapas, Pipa is great place to go (so is Alta)! Start your dinner with a great pitcher of sangria. The menu is wide and everything is very good. The portions of some dishes are small like the croquette, but most of the dishes are generous in size and price. My favorites included the sautéed octopus, mushroom flat bread, and many more. Great place to go with groups of people while sharing many different dishes. The atmosphere is sexy shabby chic… the entire ceiling is covered by beautiful vintage chandeliers from ABC Carpet & Home! P.S. The other night when I was there they had a live band & flamenco dancer, which made it an even more exotic dining experience, but quite loud so it depends on your occasion.

Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥1/2 ♥♥♥ $$$1/2

Stuffed Piquillos

 piquillo peppers, crabmeat, shrimp, piquillo aioli $12 – You can really taste the crab meat “excellent ” ♥♥♥1/2


Hongos Y Higos wild mushrooms, serrano ham, figs, manchego cheese, caramelized onion, almonds, truffle oil $14 – ” Delicious-osso” this dish is all my favorites in one!  ♥♥♥


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