Brushstroke by chef David Bouley

Brushstroke    30 Hudson St., New York, NY 10013  (212) 791-3771

Cuisine: Japanese, Kaiseki

Chef: David Bouley

Neighborhood: Tribeca

Occassion: Dinner

What I had: I had a three dishes from late night menu


♥♥ $$$$


Pacific Jumbo Oyster

Uni, Scallop with Fresh Green Seaweed, Lemon Foam

Kampachi (greater amberjack) Sashimi with Okura, dry bonito flakes over rice

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American Cut

Steakhouse ”American Cut”


American Cut     363 Greenwich Street, New York, NY 10013  (212) 226-4736

Cuisine: Steakhouse, American

Chef: Marc Forgione ( his another restaurant Marc Forgione )

Neighborhood: Tribeca

Recommend Dishes: Any of steaks, Grilled oyster, Bacon, Caesar Salad

Occassion: I was here for dinner

♥♥♥1/2 $$$1/2



Parmigiano Reggiano, Soft Egg, Pullman Crouton


Champagne, Black Truffle, Crucola

BACON, SCHALLER & WEBER MF Steak Sauce, Black Onion

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Lovely Lunch at ”Bouley” Tribeca


Bouley is a modern take on classic French cuisine located in Tribeca, New York City. Restaurant has achieved a Michelin Star.

I was here for: lunch

Dinner: Three Courses Prix Fixe $125

Lunch: Five CoursesPrix Fixe $55

Signature dish: Blini of Scottish Smoked Salmon Trout Roe, White Truffle Honey

Michelin: One star 2015

Chef & Owner: Davit Bouley

Location: Tribeca

Bouley    163 Duane St., New York, NY 10013  (212) 964-2525

♥♥♥ $$$$

Blini of Scottish Smoked Salmon Trout Roe, White Truffle Honey

Big Eye Tuna

Green Apple, Bergamot, Osetra Caviar

the foraged mushrooms and tuna which were served with coconut foam and micro watercress and the shaved black truffle

Slow Braised Kobe Style Beef Cheeks

Blue Kale Gnocchi

Poached chicken breast

with brussels sprouts and Lima beans

Caramelized pear with chocolate and cream under

Hot Valrhona chocolate souffle

coffee ice cream, and chocolate mousse


White Street

White Street

Executive Chef Floyd Cardoz ”White Street” in Tribeca


stuffed quail, bicolor barley, bacon, ruby streaks mustard,cider $14 ♥♥♥♥



White Street     221 W. Broadway (b/t Franklin St & White St ) NYC    (212)-944-8378

♥♥ ♥♥♥1/2 $$$$

fluke crudo. micro shiso,wasabi and tamari $14 ♥♥♥♥


Having opened on September 18th, White Street is located on West Broadway in Tribeca with Executive Chef Floyd Cardoz. Chef Cardoz was once the Executive Chef at Tabla where he was renowned for his New Indian cuisine, melding Western technique with the flavors of his background. Recently he was Executive Chef at North End Grill where he left to rekindle his love of Indian cuisine and write a cook.

I arrived at White Street around 6:45pm on Thursday night. Since it is still new, the menu is not online yet and their OpenTable page was not set up so I made a reservation by phone. As soon as I was seated the waiter serves us complimentary Prosecco. Nice 🙂



Braised beef short ribs, anson mills grits, hors eradish,shoe string potatoes $32 ♥♥♥

Near the entrance is a lounge room for drinks and in the back is a large dining room. The decor is bit flashy for my taste so I give it only 3 hearts ♥♥♥

My friend and I shared two appetizers, two entrees and one side dish, and one dessert in the end.


North atlantic sea bream, shaved brusssels sprouts, tamarind glaze $29 ♥♥♥

My two favorite dishes were both appetizers. The Fluke Crudo had very much a Japanese flavor (soy sauce base) and it was clean and light. I absolutely loved it. The stuffed squid was one of the most baby squids I ever had. The squid was so small and cute looking as well as flavorful. I highly recommend both dishes.

 The seabream and braided beef was good too, but not something I would order again. Lastly, for dessert we ordered the chocolate moose. It was not just beautiful, but also yummy! The flavor was sweet & bitter all at the same time. It had a full peanut flavor to it. If you love a chocolate/peanut combo I highly recommend you order this.

DSC01101Roasted half cauliflower with pickled shallots, pine nuts & raisins $18 ♥♥♥

DSC01111Chocolate Mousse ♥♥♥1/2

Overall, it was a great dinner, but I won’t crave anything enough to come back here anytime soon. Also, the atmosphere is not my style of restaurant. I am giving it three hearts for overall so you should come here and find out for yourself.




White Street

Grand Banks

Oyster & Cocktail on the boat ”Grand Banks”

Grand Banks

Grand Bank    Hudson River Park’s Pier 25 in Tribeca. The closest cross streets are N. Moore St.  NYC   (212) 960-3390
♥♥♥1/2 ♥♥ $$$$
 This is late post from last month. Grand Bank is seasonable oyster bar that locate on a boat at the end of Peir 25 along the Hudson River. The view of the Statue of Liberty and Freedom Tower are great from Grand Banks. Price point is higher side but you come here for their unique location and atmosphere in my opinion. I had 5 different kind of oysters and glass of wine at counter seat. Oyster is between $3-$4 each. Lobster roll is $25. I came here with group of friends on Sunday after brunch before dinner but this place is a fun afternoon places for drink and oyster with your date too (^_^) I’m not sure when they are closing for season so make sure you check their site. 


I had five different kind of oysters – From East Coast (Washburn Island, Plymouth Rock, Hurricane Island, Black Point.) From West Coast (Royal Miyagi )




IMG_0255.JPG From East Coast (Washburn Island, Plymouth Rock, Hurricane Island, Black Point.) From West Coast (Royal Miyagi )








My Favorite 2014 New Restaurant ”Bâtard”



Bâtard     239 West Broadway ( b/w Walker St & Beach St ) in TriBeCa NYC

Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥ ♥♥♥1/2 ♥♥♥1/2 $$$1/2

Batard opened a month ago on West Broadway in Tribeca. Lately I’ve gone to many different restaurants in Tribeca such as Racines, Telepan Local, Khe-Yo, and Marc Forgeon. They are all wonderful new restaurants. (Except Marc Forgeon. It’s been around for a long time.) I came to Batard on a Friday night. I was, once again, very lucky to make my reservation just a day before.

I will start with something not wonderful about this place because after this I will be non-stop writing about how amazing this dinner was!!! Well, the decor of this place was the only reason I took a few hearts off my rating. It is a very classy and more formal atmosphere than I had imagined, however, it was nothing special.  This may not be a bad thing depending on what type of atmosphere you are looking for. I’m sure they purposefully and carefully decided to go for this type of  decor ( 90′s ) but I prefer something more cute. (Cutie Patroller is always on the prowl in NYC for cute places and great food.) It felt out-dated especially when they are serving such modern, new american dishes.

OK done!! Now I’m moving on to my 5 hearts rating part for the food!


Their menu is only by the course – two course for $55, three course for $65, and four course for $75. Both of us chose three courses. The waiter informed us that our option could consist of two appetizers and one entree. Which means you don’t have to choose dessert as one of the three courses. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!! I have never seen a three course option like this before. I’m not a dessert girl so you have no idea how happy this made me!  🙂 After much thought my friend and I chose four appetizers and two entrees to share. I think we chose a good balance of six plates.

There are eight options for appetizers and they all sounded delicious, most of which were seafood so we chose four seafood appetizers. We decided to balance out the meal by ordering two meat dishes for our entrees.

Our first two appetizers were YELLOWFIN TUNA marinated radish, quinoa, camelina oil and SEARED OCEAN TROUT cured cucumber, spiced crème fraîche, clams. O.M.G. Both dishes were amazing!! The plating was so pretty and the portions were great. Most importantly, they tasted perfectly delish!! I give 5 hearts for both dishes.


The second two appetizers were OCTOPUS “PASTRAMI”  braised ham hock, pommery mustard, new potatoes and MAINE LOBSTER green asparagus, zucchini blossom, citrus rind. They were not as great as the first two dishes, but you can see how pretty the plating was. I normally don’t order octopus because I can have octopus at any Italian restaurant (or any other place these days), but I saw a photo of it and thought it looked unique.


Our third course (and main entree) consisted of VEAL TENDERLOIN “tramezzini”, asparagus, mushrooms, sauce diable and NY STRIP LOIN OF BEEF braised cheek, cauliflower purée, baumkuchen, romanesco. Both dishes came with sauce, but you won’t see that in the photos because I have to take a picture first. I think food photos are sometimes better without sauce so they don’t look messy. I assure you that I enjoyed adding sauce to both dishes once I finished taking photos. 🙂 At this time, I was already a little bit full since our four appetizers were such generous sizes, but I was ready to taste the veal! And how amazing that the steak was served as three different parts of beef. Both dishes were perfectly cooked at medium rare and delightful.


We probably stayed a good three hours enjoying our courses and a bottle of red wine. At the end of the meal we were served their homemade cookie, too. Oh, I forgot to mention that their bread was so good. I don’t eat bread unless it’s special and this was! Homemade salted caraway seed roll. Yum!

Overall, I give Batard 4.8 hearts which is a super high heart rating for Cutie Patroller. The last time I gave this high of a rating was my three course lunch at JUNI last month. Another minor thing, I thought they should have switched our appetizers bringing the octopus and lobster out first and the trout and tuna second. Since we were having two meats as entrees it would have been better to serve us the cooked dishes first, then the raw seafood, followed by the entrees. I think the courses would flow better that way. Listen to me!! What a  snob!! But that’s my mini-thought.

The place was surprisingly not very full for a Friday night, but it was raining. I can imagine some reservations got canceled. I am highly recommending you make a reservation right now before it’s impossible to get in. I’m definitely going back to have the YELLOWFIN TUNAand SEARED OCEAN TROUT again. I’ll also be sure to try other dishes that I didn’t order this time.  I go out to eat at new places every day, but not many of those places will I go back to within a few months. This place is my exception 🙂


PS – Mr Drew Nieporent was here during my visit. 🙂