Michelin Two Star ”Soto”

Sushi Chef Sotohiro Kosugi

Cuisine: Japanese, Sushi

Michelin: Two Stars 2015

Sushi Chef-Owner: Sotohiro Kosugi

Neighborhood: West Village

Occassion: I was here for dinner. Good for a date, with foodie friend

Signature Dishes: Uni Ika Sugomori Zukuri/Chutoro Tartare/Steamed Lobster with Uni Mousse

What I had: Omakase $115 plus drinks

Seat: I recommend Sushi counter

Soto    357 6th Ave., New York, NY 10014  (212) 414-3088

♥♥♥1/2 $$$$1/2

Goma Tofu

Sea Trout Carpaccio

-with black truffle sea salt, chives, and caviar.
-served with watercress and sesame salad

Uni Cocktail
with seaweed, wasabi, and soy reduction

Fluke Ponzu

-with chives, shiso leaf, ginger shoot, and scallions on top.
-served with ponzu sauce


Squid Sashimi

Atlantic Hokkigai (Surf Clam)
-thinly sliced with ginger.
-marinated with sweet miso mustard.
-served over lime

Uni Ika Sugomori Zukuri (“Bird’s Nest from the Sea”)
-uni wrapped in thinly sliced squid with shiso.
-served with quail egg and tosa soy reduction

Wild Snapper Carpaccio

with chives, ginger shoot, and green onions

Chutoro Tartare

with avocado, seaweed, chives, and caviar.
-served with sesame ponzu sauce

Unagi – Eel

Hirame – Fluke

Yari Ika long fin squid

Ikura – Salmon Roe

Mirugai –

Shime Saba –  Mackerel

Sakura masu – sea trout

Maguro – Tuna

Uni – Sea Urchine

Botan ebi – Spotted prawn

ice cream wrapped in mochi

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