Union Square Cafe

”Union Square Cafe” is closing

Nantucket Bay Scallop Crudo – Eckerton Seasoning Peppers, Shaved Fennel 17 ♥♥♥

NEWS: Union Square Cafe is going to close this year (or moving to new location)

Union Square Cafe     21 East 16th St., New York, NY 10003

♥♥♥1/2 $$$$

Beef Sirloin Carpaccio  16
Crispy Sunchokes, Parmigiano Reggiano, Kale ♥♥♥

Grilled Berkshire Pork Loin  34
Sweet Potato, Autumn Vegetables, Bourbon Gastrique ♥♥♥

Chatham Cod $31 ♥♥♥

Slow Roasted Lamb Braciole 32
Garlic Potatoes, Tokyo Turnips ♥♥♥1/2

Pecan Pie  9.5
Dark Chocolate Anglaise, Espresso Crème Fraîche ♥♥♥1/2

USC Banana Tart  9.5
Macadamia Brittle, Honey-Vanilla Ice Cream ♥♥♥

Caramelized Fig Sundae 9.5 ♥♥♥

Warm Chocolate Brownie Custard 9.5 ♥♥♥1/2

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