Tori Shin

Tori Shin

Michelin Star Yakitori Restaurant ”Tori Shin” UES

Signature Takitori

Tsukune (Chicken and Duck Meat) with egg

This is what I had: Chef’s Omakase $65

Pickled Vegetables

• Grated Daikon

• Seasonal Dish

• 6 Skewers of Meats (Including Special Skewers)

• 2 Skewers of Vegetables

• Soup Ochazuke (Hot Rice in Broth with Salted Plum) Mentai Chazuke add $3

• Homemade Dessert Shiso (Japanese Mojito) Sorbet or Seasonal Dessert

Tori Shin    1193 1st Ave., New York, NY 10065  (212) 988-8408

♥♥♥1/2 $$$$

Breast Meat with Plum & Shiso

Broiled Sea Urchin with Garlic $23

Open Kitchen Counter

Mentai Chazuke (Hot Rice in Broth with Spice Cod Roe) $18

grilled chicken wings

grilled chicken breast served with pepper, miso, and wasabi

Pumpkin potage


Shishitoh (Green Pepper)

Breast Meat with Plum & Shiso

Shitake Mushroom

grilled chicken thighs

grilled marinated chicken

Yuzu Shiso Sorbet  & Green Tea Ice Cream

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