What to Eat at ”elan” in Gramercy


foie gras pop fig, pistachio 4/ea ♥♥♥

élan is a new contemporary American restaurant by Exclusive Chef David opened in June this year. Restaurant is located on East 20th Street in Gramercy area. I came here in mid September after hearing about mix reviews. Two of us ordered one snack, two appetizers, two entree. I hope this simple post will help you to decide weather you wanna go or not and if you go what to order at élan.
Small good snack was mushroom truffle croquettes 3/ea
Best dish from my dinner was butternut squash ravioli oxtail ragout 18/34 ( my order is small plate )
Cutest look dish was muscovy duck terrine, foie gras, pistachios 19
One of famous dish at élan is “general tso’s” sweetbreads leeks, orange, chilies 19/35 ( my order is small plate )
I didn’t care for “general tso’s” sweetbreads leeks, orange, chilies 19/35 ( my order is large plate )

élan      43 East 20th St., New York, NY 10003

♥♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥♥  $$$1/2


“general tso’s” sweetbreads leeks, orange, chilies ♥♥♥

butternut squash ravioli oxtail ragout ♥♥♥

seared duck breast sherry vinegar, chilies 32 ♥♥1/2

mushroom truffle croquettes 3/ea ♥♥♥

egg white cocktail

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