Elegant French/Mediterranean Restaurant “Claudette” Greenwich Village


Claudette     18 Greenwich Ave ( corner of 5th Ave & 9 St ) NYC

Claudette opened this month on 5th Ave and the corner of 9th St. Just a few blocks from Washington Square Park. Claudette has the same owners as Rosemary’s in the West Village. Rosemary’s chef, Wade Moises is joined by Koren Grieveson now at Claudette. Grieveson is a James Beard award winner who once worked at Avec in Chicago. Compared to Rosemary’s, the decor is elegant and the crowd is half 30-40 year-olds and half stylishly dressed 60 year-olds. I’m calling it “West Village’s Elegant Parent”. \(^_^)/ I actually saw Nate Berkus there, You know, the amazing interior designer, author, and TV personality! The weather was very nice that night and the place had the patio doors open, which you can see in my photo below.
Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥ ♥♥♥

The menu is made of six different kinds of small salads which are all $8 or $38 for any five. My friend and I skipped the salad menu this time, but I would order it if I came with more than two people.
There were eight appetizers priced around $15 each. Our waiter recommended the grilled octopus, but we thought that was too boring at a Mediterranean restaurant. So we ordered soft shell crab with couscous instead, which was good. CLAUDETTE’S PIED PAQUETS (braised tripe and pork shoulder) was a little disappointing. It came in a big pan yet there were only three small pieces of pork with two potatoes. It seemed like a stew in which they had forgotten to add meat and vegetables.



The average price for an entree is $27 and there are eight different dishes. We had the WRAPPED RED SNAPPER with eggplant, chermoula, fennel ($26). The eggplant had an interesting chewy texture and was delish. The Grilled Lamb ‘pommes anna’, coriander, apple, yogurt vinaigrette ($29) was tender and had just the right amount of seasoning without overpowering the taste of the meat.



We had a great three hour dinner with a nice bottle of wine. Overall, I give it 3.7 out of 5 hearts. When I give 4 hearts that means it’s one of my favorites and I am highly recommending you to go. This is just shy of 4, but you should definitely check this place out, even if just once, for the right occasion. It may be good for a date night or someplace nice to take your parents. I think the price point is good and the atmosphere is casual elegant.




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