Sant Ambroeus in SOHO

Sant Ambroeus’ newest location on Lafayette St. in SOHO

Sant Ambroeus
Sant Ambroeus now has four locations throughout NY. Their original location in the West Village, one on the Upper East Side, another in East Hampton on Long Island, and now SoHo. I’ve eaten lunch at their East Hampton location several times during the Summer, but I’ve never made it to their West Village and UES locations. I came to their SoHo location for lunch with Tabelog blogger Jay BarTaste and a teammate of mine. I live only four blocks from the new spot, but I decided to take the $4 cab ride to get there. Not that I was late, I was wearing new, SuPa cute, open-toed heels. Who says you need to dress down for lunch just because you’re in your own neighborhood?! That is not how I enjoy a lovely lunch with wonderful company~ I always cute it up for lunch patrolling with heels.

Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥1/2 $$$$


First, we shared my “boo” with mozzarella balls. By “boo” I mean pig. Prosciutto with mozzarella was a perfect way to start our lunch. Yummy~


The three of us shared our dishes, but my main entree was Bronzino! Light and healthy. Originally, Jay chose the same dish, but he was a gentleman and ordered the Veal Chop instead. Thanks Jay *\(^_^)/* It is always more fun to choose different dishes so that you can taste various entrees and, of course, take more beautiful photos! The Veal Chop Milanese’s portion was very large so it was perfect for sharing. We also ordered the Tagliatelle pasta, but I didn’t much care for it.



At the end of lunch, I had to have chocolate mousse with a cappuccino.  The cappuccino came with a plate of cookies on the side. The moose was simple, smooth, and delicious. I highly recommend it!


The lunch crowd was very “Gossip Girl”-esque, if you know what I mean. Definitely cute & fashionable with an UES style.  This place is great for my neighborhood even though the price point is on the higher side. This means it may not be good for your every day neighborhood spot, but everyone in Nolita will enjoy this special place. I’m sure I won’t come here as often as I do Freeman’s or Estela, but I know it’ll be top of my list for the times I’m willing to splurge a little.

If you are a fan of Sant Ambroeus, now you can come to their SOHO location, too!



Thank you for lovely lunch Tabelog & BarTaste


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