Fette Sau

Fette Sau

BBQ at ”Fette Sau” in Brooklyn


Mini trip to Williumburg Brooklyn (^_^) 5 minutes cab ride from my LES shop crossing the bridge. Actually I came this barbecue joint last April and I forgot to blogged about them. Thanks goodness undercover cutie patroller member Jane came here and reminded me about this BBQ spot and she took photos for me. Fette Sau means fat pig in German slung. I remembered this place was packed with Brooklyn hipster and foodie and  tourist both indoor and outdoor space. The place’s deco is like engagingly bare bones, having been transformed from a former auto-repair garage. For a barbecue place, the beer & Whiskey selection of drink’s menu are surprisingly sophisticated. I had a sampler plate with spicy broccoli for side. I thought beef brisket was best one and second best one was pork belly. 

Fette sau    354 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn New York

♥♥ ♥♥ $$$1/2

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