“Temari Sushi” Step 1 – Step 4

Today I show you step by step how to make this OMG cute sushi called Temari SushiTemari means thread balls in Japanese, Temari Sushi is small and ball-shaped sushi that usually cooked on happy occasions and good for parties \(^o^)/


Ingredients – Sushi rice, Red snapper, Tuna, Salmon, Sansho leaf, Shiso leaf.


Step 1 – make small rice balls. Set aside. Prepare various toppings. Place toppings on a sheet of plastic wrap.  


Step 2 –  Place a sushi rice ball on the topping


Step 3 –   Shape the sushi into a ball, twisting the plastic wrap


Step 4 –  Unwrap the plastic wrap. Serve temari sushi with wasabi and soy sauce


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