WHAT TA  F…!!!!!!!! OUT OF OCTOPUS !!! Whoops, excuse me !! Correction OMGGGGGG (>_<)”” Sik Gaek is located in Queens NY. YES Cutie Patroller made a quick trip to Queens….Well not really.. Ever since I saw this Korean restaurant on No Reservations I was super curious to go there but it seems so far away for Cutie Patroller. I mean I barely walk or take the subway and am a big supporter of yellow cab ( seatbelt is a must !! even back seat !! that’s how cutie patroller rolls ). Anthony Bourdain was introduced here by Momofuku emporor David Chang. Specially since I don’t know of any places that serve live octopus in NY, this trip was worth making I thought. Finally a chance arrived when I was coming back from the Hamptons late one Sunder summer night. I called to see how late they were open and this place stays open till 4am.. perfect I thought. So I got off the highway and made my way to korea town. My heart was skipping and sooo ready for live octopus. The waiter brought me water and a menu (which I didn’t even need to see) so I asked him ” I wanna order live octopus Sashimi and live octopus with the seafood pot please” . After that I completely blacked out …. all I remember is the sound of him saying “we.. are..out…of… octopus…….”, and for the rest of the night it was still echoing in my ear… “out.. out .. of ..of… o c t o p u s ….”. I ended up ordering whatever the steam clam pot thing was and maybe some bulgogi …. I never went back there…If I ever do make it back there again, I will definitely report back to OMG News…

Ps – The Seafood Pot was really good and they give you a trash can ( bucket ) under the table and it’s kinda wild (^0^)”’ but you eat and then just throw your clam shells away !! For a clip of the Sik Gaek episode, please click the No Reservations link above.

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