Motorino – 349 East 12th Street ( btwn 1st Ave & 2nd Ave )

I like pizza sometimes…but I’m not a die hard fan of pizza and I find it’s also very hard to critique pizza. Everybody is a critic when it comes to pizza. Personally I like very thin & crisp dough. But Motorino pizza is an exception. Their dough is so puffy, moist, gooey, chewy, crisp and lightly charred on the outside but tender and cooked through on the inside. Normally it’s not my style of pizza but this is really good & special Neopolitan-style pizza. I happened to see it in an episode of my favorite food show “Best Thing I Ever Ate” on the Food Network . Mario Batali had told Rachael Ray she must eat Motorino pizza, so of course I had to patrol! Thank God the second Motorino opened near me in the East Village (the Williamsburg location in Brooklyn is the original ). In case you didn’t know, Cutie Patroller doesn’t have a car to patrol in so she doesn’t cross the bridge often..teehee 😉 Motorino’s menu is super simple, small, and straight up just pizza! They do have a few appetizers & salads on the menu. I ordered Octopus Salad which was very light & very good. My pick out of the pizza menu was a Stone Clam Pizza which I have never had before. Tip : Just squeeze lemon all over the pizza and it makes it very refreshing and delightful. If you are a first timer or pizza purist, absolutely order the Margherita. They are known for it, but I like my tastebuds to try new things. The space is small and cute and really busy; they don’t take reservations but go and put your name on the list and they will call you when ready.

Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥♥ ♥♥ ♥♥♥½ $$$ 


Cremini & Spicy Sausage

mozzarella, garlic, thyme, pecorino $17 – ♥♥


Spicy Octopus & Potato

fingerling potato, celery, chili oil, capers, red onion $14 – ♥♥♥ 



Cherry Stone Clams

mozzarella, garlic, parsley butter, olive oil $ 17 – ♥♥

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