www.degustationnyc 239 E 5th St New York, NY 10003

Degustation is owned by the same owner of next door Sushi gem Jewel Bako. I came here for the 10 course tasting menu with wine paring. Eating at Degustation is a bit of dinner theater: tiny and only 19 seats. It is set up as half a rectangle with diners sitting at a countertop that surrounds the chefs. You’re seated just three feet away and the chef creates your dishes right in front of you. Their menu is Spanish Tapas (so they say, but it was very much Japanese influenced during my experience) and the tasting menu changes often so if you don’t like surprises, do call ahead of time to ask because unfortunately when I went I was disappointed as more than one dish contained some version of an egg yolk (poached quail, scramble, etc…). I like egg but not more than one for the same course and it was also too similary in textures (puree,mouse..ect). I heard the Executive chef Westley Genovart has left so maybe that’s why ? Or maybe it was just this time ? Like I said, the tasting menu changes quite often. Hopefully next time I can experience better courses or I will order a la carte. I recommend to come here for special occasions with a small group of 2 or max 3.

Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥1/2 ♥♥♥  ♥♥♥  $$$$ 


 10 course tasting menu  $80 – pictures go by the dishes order      



Salt Cod Chip , Jamon & Potato Croqueta , Spanish “Tortilla” Quail  Egg & Shallot Confit 


Crudo of Hamachi poblano pepper puree fried leeks


Santa Barbara Uni sunchoke puree,honey crisp apple,jalapeno


Monkfish Liver eggplant water, finger lime



Celeriac Soup salmon roe,pickled black radish,nori,marcona almond


Winter Salad market vegetables,house made ricotta, soft poached quail egg, shallot vinaigrette


Spanish Mackerel apple broth,apple cherric puree, lomo iberico,black radish


Soft Scrambled Egg spinach, black truffle


Wagu Beef yellow foot mushroom, shaved foie gras, beef broth “shabu shabu”


Lamb Loin eggplant puree frekkch 


Blood Orange Meringue satsme orange, spiced wine gelee, pumpkin seeds   


Black Olive Bread Crumbs Pomogranite Dessert 

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