Kyo Ya

94 E 7th St, NYC

This low key place in the East Village serves amazing traditional Japanese food. I put it in a different category of Japanese restaurants for a city that offers so many choices of sushi places. Atmosphere is nothing terrific, yet simple and elegant. But the food here is “ridiculicious” (definition: ridiculously + delicious!). I especially love their Uni dish and pressed sushi which is heavenly. Their special menu never disappoints me too. They offer seasonal fresh seafood from Japan. I ordered everything a la carte but they have a Kaiseki menu as well. The price point is high – but well worth it. You should go with a foodie friend or date – somebody who truly appreciates Japanese food. Guaranteed 5 hearts for food and sake!

Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥♥ ♥♥♥♥  ♥♥♥ $$$$



Fresh “Toyama” Shrimp With Sea Urchin wasabi kuzu sauce and shrimp head twice deep fried $16 – What a treat!!! . This dish is just bites but one of the best with an amazing broth. Later they serve you the deep fried shrimp head (don’t get scared as it’s super crunchy) ♥♥♥♥     


Oshisushi (pressed sushi) seared Canadian salmon with baby shiso leaf $22  – Unagi pressed sushi is very good ♥♥♥       


Uni Kani Ikura Don sea urchin, king crab & dashi marinated salmon roe over rice $29 – Sooooooooo good. Enjoy half of the Don without sauce and another half with sauce (how I ate it). Ikura was perfectly marinated, fresh & sweet ♥♥♥


Fugu Yu-An Yaki grilled blow fish flavored with yuzu soy sauce and “shichimi” hot pepper $16 – This was one dish I’m was disappointed with as it was cold & over cooked ♥♥1/2                            


Black Cod Miso Glaze broiled tsubu miso marinated cod $16 – You can order in two sizes (this is small plate). Traditional preparation – well done ♥♥♥


Koumeage (Hokaido Saury fry) $16  –  This is a great example of a seasonal fish dish as Saury is the fattest and tastiest in the fall ♥♥♥


Seared Tuna with white miso sauce – This was a complimentary dish from the chef at the counter table… lucky me (^_^)  ♥♥♥


Nigori sake (unrefined sake) – So smooth ♥♥♥

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3 thoughts on “Kyo Ya

  1. I agree with all you’ve written. I was there recently and besides being super fresh and delicious, they have the food artistry that sets apart amazing Japanese places. I saw you reviewed Kokage. If you haven’t done the full prix fixe at Kajitsu you would be in for a spectacular experience. Like Kyo Ya but vegan in their unbelievable food styling. We seem to both share a huge passion for food – most of mine is released through cooking though. Keep up the wonderfully impressive blogging. – Dan

      • Hi Sachiko – I don’t write restaurant reviews on a regular basis. I used to blog but switched to weekly posting of recipes and “blog” through Instagram. I founded a cooking school this year called CookSingleNYC and teach beginner classes in small groups. I ran across your member profile in the Foodbloggers NYC meetup that looks like it’s closing. Your pictures and reviews on this site and Tabelog are super.

        I see you do some cooking posts on your site. You do so many reviews, I wonder if you do much cooking? I’d love to get you to come for a free promotional class and see what you think. Look at the website and Instagram of CookSingleNYC to get an idea of what I do. I am serious about people eating well in a fast easy manner – it seems you are too. You can contact me through my email if you’re interested.

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