www.apiarynyc.com       60 Third Ave, (nr 10th St) New York 10003   

#Bam keeping real as girl blogger!!! I don’t like their location ( 3 Ave &  13 St, next to movie theater ) because on super busy Avenue and not intimate. If they move to different location I will come here more often. But let’s forget about location and shall we talk about food & space!! Food is very good and fair price point. Decor is modern & elegant ( Apiary owned by furniture company so make sense ) and I say you can come here with parents for sure. I came here for 3 corses prix fixe $35. What a great deal (^_^) you should try it sometime.

Overall Food Atmosphere Price
♥♥♥1/2   ♥♥



Hamachi Crudo avocado, hearts of palm, jalapeno $13 ♥♥


Monkfish couscous, lemongrass, pea shoot, madras curry emulsion $25 ♥♥


Baby Romaine Salad grilled garlic croutons, anchovy, whole grain mustard, parmesan$12 ♥♥ 


Grilled Octopus eggplant caviar, chorizo oil$14 ♥♥


Atlantic Merluza smoked bacon, razor clam chowder, tarragon $25 ♥♥


Berkshire Pork Chop grilled scallions, black beans, orange ginger glaze, guacamole $25 ♥♥


Blackberry Financier $8 ♥♥ 

3 corses prix fixe $35 (sun. tue, wed, thu)

5 courses prix fixe $65

7 course prix fixe $80

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