Boucheron Bakery

www.bouchonbakery.comTime Warner Center 10 Columbus Cir., 3rd fl., NYC 10019

If you are near Time Warner Center and you wanna take a quick coffee break don’t go to Starbucks, You must go at Boucheron Bakery ( bakery not that restaurant ). They are located middle of 3rd floor small area of  tables and stools no waitor serveice ( same floor cafe you can have table service ) . If you close your eyes you are in Paris ” Bonjuel “.  Most of the pastries are $3.50 it seemmy favaret is cpain au trois chocolate $3.5 . I am sad but glad bakery is so far from where I live downtown cause if it was nearby I probably in serious trouble stopping by every morning 🙂  Ps, Thomas Keller plans to open a second New York branch of his Bouchon Bakery at 1 Rockefeller Plaza at 48th Street, replacing high end grocer Dean & Deluca sometime in March


what a cutie fig on top ,  yamy yamy ****


pain au trois chocolate $3.5 – Don;t let this square simple pastry fool you . you died (>_<)” I mean I died ! This perpectly made chocolate puff pastry was sooooofreeky & butterly but very light and inside chocolate cream is a  Amazingoody ( amazing + goody ) !!


cute cupccino cup to go


I am gonna try this anormous bun next time


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